The Story Left Untold

Welcome! I'm Shay, 22. What I love and what you will often find on my blog: Italy/Ireland/anything travel related. IInception. Poetry. countless Anime/Manga. NCIS. Lord of the Rings. Inspirational Stuff. Fiction.The Boston Bruins. Linkin Park. Lit. Landscapes. Painting. Culture rants. Night Vale. Fun writing stuff. The loves of my life are my dogs Holly and Riley. I am a second-degree black belt fyeah.

Fave books/series right now: Leviathan, Inheritance Cycle, Tsubasa/xxxholic, Good Omens, Cloud Atlas, Shakespeare, anything classic, Artemis Fowl, the Divergent series, Hannibal, Ripper Street, etc.

TV right now: Code Lyoko, Vikings, Hannibal, Attack on Titan (SnK), Death Note

I am forever obsessed with Duke Devlin.
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